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Write a Winning LSAT Writing Sample – Tips and Techniques

Before we move into how you can have the best LSAT writing sample or a complex step-by-step guide, let us first understand why you should consider the LSAT writing sample with utmost importance. The LSAT writing sample is not a scored parameter regarding your admission to law school. Then why is it at all imperative? Through an LSAT writing sample, the admission bench wants to assess your capabilities in argumentative writing. The LSAT writing sample is the representative manifesto of a candidate reflecting their skills to frame and consolidate argumentative writing, a core part of the Law curriculum. A candidate’s proficiency in writing arguments is one of the chief determinants of whether the candidate is suited for a law course, and the LSAT writing sample represents the same.

LSAT Writing Sample – How to Make Yours the Best One?

Now let us come to how you can craft a perfect LSAT writing sample. We intend to move forward stepwise to make things clear and easy to grab. Let us get started:

Basics of LSAT Writing Sample

First things first, let us work on some essential points to keep in mind:

  • You have limited time, only 35 minutes to write, plan, design, choose words and end your writing sample. You should appear for this LSAT writing sample through an encrypted or secure proctoring software where the candidate can choose the time during the test when they want to attempt this section.
  • Apart from assessing your power of arguments, the LSAT writing sample will also judge your power of choices. So, ensure that your thought process should be aligned as a future lawyer and not any ordinary citizen.
  • The challenge of the LSAT writing sample is to summarize and choose in a limited period. The test takers are interested in observing your power of rationalism and choice-making capacity under pressure.

Steps for Crafting the Most Suitable LSAT Writing Sample

Step 1: Make a Solid Outline

You cannot move an inch forward if you don’t know how to proceed. Since no one can help you, you must chalk out something interesting yourself. Planning the first step in the queue is perhaps the most crucial step. During this time, your task is to think like a lawyer and explore options. There are always more approaches to handling a lawsuit. Your task is to choose the one for which you can put the best arguments. Once you decide on the approach, prioritize organization over everything else. An organized LSAT writing sample reflects clear thoughts and is impressive. Prepare an outline and involve as much brainstorming as possible in the process. While doing so, look into four parameters:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the choice you are making
  • Pros and cons of the opposite choice

You should have points for each section right in the planning stage.

Step 2: Address Your Choice Precisely

Planning will solve most of your puzzle for writing the perfect LSAT writing sample. The next step in a row is writing briefly on all the headers you had planned while outlining. The pro tip for backing the best sample is perhaps to keep it short. Arguments can be brief once you have suitable logic. Try out the right and most convincing logic. Keep it clear and crisp while emphasizing all the points. The test takers will observe your clarity of thought and how precise you can put it up. Also, don’t forget to summarize and offer significant closures for each argumentative point.

Step 3: Support Your Choice With the Right Examples and Logic

It is quintessential that you do much more than simply framing stories on your LSAT writing sample. You must, and should, back each of your choices with as many relevant examples and arguments as possible. Each of these should be reasonable and rational. Try to include as much evidence and social examples as possible to make the writing realistic. Your goal is to convey your thoughts, but the path should only pass through rational roads.

Step 4: Acknowledge the Pros and Cons of Other Options

You have to reason that your choices are only some of the available choices suitably. There are many others. This is exactly what was referred to in the first step – to have other pros and cons ready. After clearly defining and explaining your choice, you also have to discuss the other available choices. It is better if you can draw a conclusion stating why you avoided those approaches and chose a particular one. There are several sides to an argument. A visionary lawyer considers all of them, and if, too, can reflect the same through your writing, chances are high that the test-takers would be impressed.

Step 5: Reinforce the Fact that Your Choice is the Best Fit

Now that you have discussed the choices and stated arguments, it is time to show great confidence in the paper and reiterate why your choice is the best. Don’t forget to summarize your argument in the end, focus on the highlights, and create a clear and powerfully concise argument for your chosen choice. In this case, choosing words is very important because it will reflect your confidence.

In the end, remember to revise at least two times what you wrote, which makes sense. You must allow yourself a few minutes before it ends to make it possible. Time management will be possible only if you have practiced considerably. The total time allotted for this essay is 35 minutes. So you should finish the writing in 30 minutes.

Myth to be Shattered: LSAT Writing Sample Does not Carry Any Marks, so it is okay not to adhere importance to it.

If you are genuinely interested in cracking the LSAT, let this myth never cross your mind. An LSAT writing sample will make a huge difference when accepting candidates in law school, so pay due importance to it. It will make a significant difference during LSAT raw score conversion.

How to Upskill Yourself?

The chances that you will be able to design the best LSAT writing sample during the test depends mainly on how well you have practiced it. Past statistics depict that candidates who have been ardently practicing the skill of writing LSAT writing samples are the pens who did it the best. Explore more topics, and the practice essays will widen your path toward success.

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