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A Well-Structured and Comprehensive MCAT Prep Option

Our online MCAT prep course covers all MCAT subjects with a focus on main topics so that you are well-prepared for your medical college admission test.

Full-Length Practice Exams

Practice your pace and understanding of the topics by taking full-length practice tests. Besides this, thousands of practice questions are available in this course that takes your preparation to the next level.

Guaranteed Score Improvement

Our course will enhance your scores by at least 13 points. However, you must pay complete dedication and interest while accessing the study material. Even after completing the course and meeting all other eligibility requirements your score doesn’t improve, we will refund your course fee amount. Yes, you heard it right. Either you get score improvement, or you get your money back!

24/7 Email Assistance

With our advanced courses, you will also get all-day email support from our customer assistance team. Just email us your query, and we will get back to it as soon as we receive it.

On-Demand MCAT 513+ Course

Frequently Asked Questions​

Q1. How does the 13+ score points guarantee work?

We guarantee our students that after completing our premium MCAT preparation course, you will see at least a 13-point increase in their last MCAT score. However, if it doesn’t happen and you meet other eligibility requirements, we will refund your money paid for the course.

Q2. Who will benefit from this course?

Although anyone can use this course, this is best for the following individuals:

  1. Busy professionals: This course is best for individuals who don’t have enough time to prepare and can only spare a few minutes for the exam. One can also try a 40 hours crash course to get a quick overview of the concepts.

  2. Self-studiers: This could be their best option if someone is looking for a flexible and effective MCAT self-prep course. Study at your own pace with this strategic course.

  3. Interactive learners: This prep option can also benefit the ones who prefer the digital mode of learning over the conventional one.

Q3. How does this course work on different devices?

This course is 100% online. We won’t provide you with outdated DVDs or bulky books. You only need a stable internet connection and a device to access all the course material. From the practice exam to the strategic study plan, everything is accessible online. Moreover, this course is compatible with most devices.

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