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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much time does it take to prepare for the LSAT?

For an average student, studying for almost 20-25 hours weekly for two to three would be enough. However, you might need to take more time out to study for a good LSAT score. In order to determine how much time you would need for complete preparation, it’s better to take a sample LSAT test. It will figure out your strong and weak areas so that you can prepare your study plan accordingly.

Q2. Is our LSAT test prep course worth it?

The results and achievements of the students who opted for our test guide speak for themselves! No matter what your objectives are or what learning style you follow, this test prep guide will be a handy companion. Furthermore, the strategic study plan access to our official LSAT course material definitely makes it worth a try!

Q3. When will you get your LSAT course material?

The process is simple. Choose your course and place an order through our website. After our servers receive the payment, we immediately initiate creating a unique access code from our end. You can create your account on our learning portal and access the course material using the code.

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